Public Service Commission to vote on future of construction at Plant Vogtle

Public Service Commission to vote on future of construction at Plant Vogtle

The Georgia Public Service Commission started a series of hearings this week to decide the fate of Units 3 and 4 at Plant Vogtle.

This comes just a week after Georgia Power reached a deal with Toshiba, parent company of the bankrupt contractor Westinghouse, to receive the remaining $3.2 billion it owes on the project.

Georgia Power has been conducting a stressful juggling act to keep work moving at the site, and now the ball is in the public service commission's court.
The commission's hearings in Atlanta include opinions from experts in nuclear energy, construction, and economics, all of which are weighing the risks of the project.

Currently, the construction is creating a five-percent rate impact on Georgia Power customers' bills, which is expected to increase to ten percent as work progresses.
Despite this, power bills for its customers are still below the national average by about 10 percent.

All 6,000 employees are still on-site and working throughout these hearings in Atlanta.
They will be going on for another few days, with commission chair Stan Wise saying there will be a vote on December 21st to decide if work should continue.

As a quick timeline recap, Westinghouse declared bankruptcy in March 2017.
Georgia Power, in a move the co-shareholders of the facility supported, determined it was worthwhile to continue construction.
This started a series of hearings, filings, and testimonies in Atlanta.

"Georgia Power remains confident that the recommendation made in August to move forward with construction is the best option for customers," said Jacob Hawkins, a Georgia Power spokesperson.

Unit 3 is expected to be completed November 2021, and Unit 4 will finish a year later in November 2022.

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