Augusta Animal Services in need of donations to help overpopulated pit bulls

Augusta Animal Services in need of donations to help overpopulated pit bulls

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta Animal Services is partnering with Fix Georgia Pets to raise funds to help reduce the growing number of unwanted Pit Bull dogs. They've only raised a little over $2,000 and still need over $7,000 to reach their goal. The shelter says they really need the community's help as many of the pit bulls have ended up on the streets or at their shelter due to over population.

Fix Georgia Pets, an organization that raises money to help locations that have overpopulation of animals, has agreed to match whatever funds Augusta Animal Services raises. And so far, they've raised: "$2,360. We still have a long way to go. $7,640, to meet our maximum fundraiser amount that actually Fix Georgia Pets would match," says Crystal Eskola, Assistant Director of Augusta Animal Services.

Eskola says this is a terrific opportunity for Richmond County and for the CSRA to help spay and neuter Pit Bull breeds and reduce the number of puppies that come into the shelter that go unwanted. "We get in way too many pit bull, pit bull mixes, and they're very hard to adopt out. We do have many of them up for adoption but they stay longer," says Eskola.

Oliver is one of those Pit Bulls, whose been at the animal shelter since July of this year. She says they pits like him as often as- "Every single day. Every single day we get multiple pits and pit mixes," says Eskola.

The Pit Bull breed has become more popular but also harder to maintain care for. "It also costs more to take care of them. And so, I think some of it has to do with financial means too. You know, it's a cute little puppy, it grows up, it eats more. And some people just decide they can't keep them anymore and instead of bringing them down here, they'll let them run loose or leave them outside where they get pregnant," says Eskola.

Eskola says the donations and support from the community would give the Augusta Animal Services an opportunity of a lifetime. "We don't get these opportunities very often. It was nice of them to approach us and we just have to meet this goal. I mean, it's just a tremendous opportunity and we have to take full advantage of it," says Eskola.

Fix Georgia Pets has allowed Augusta Animal Services to extend their fundraiser to December 10th to allow them an opportunity to reach that $10,000 goal.

If you'd like to help, you can do so by:

  1. Donating via credit card, debit card or personal check to
  2. Making a check payable to Fix Georgia Pets, and mailing the check to 4164 Mack Lane, Augusta, GA 30904
  3. Purchasing a $5 raffle ticket at Wild Birds Unlimited or Art on Broad
  4. Visiting and donating $50 or more to receive a wrapped, pet-themed Christmas ornament in a gift-wrapped box that can be given as a holiday gift.

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