Family of victims in SAPP'S Bar & Grill homicide speak out

Family of victims in SAPP'S Bar & Grill homicide speak out

(WFXG) - Two McCormick County families are grieving this holiday weekend, after a shooting early morning on November 24 claimed the lives of two men. The shooting happened outside of SAPP'S Bar & Grill on U-S Highway 378 West. Investigators with the sheriffs office have not released the victims' names but family members have identified both men and spoke with FOX 54.

Community members and families in McCormick say what happened after Thanksgiving was simply a tragedy.

"This entire town is totally devastated by this. . these two guys . . everybody around here  loved and knew.", says Ardreika Turner. She says her husband, Joel Turner Jr. was only at the restaurant fifteen minutes before being shot along with his cousin, Steven Banks. Banks mother Bridgette Blair, says she never thought she would ever lose her child this way. "He was so well loved, there is not a life in McCormick that he did not touch."

 Banks opened SAPP'S Bar & Grill as a place for people to come and have a good time which is the opposite of what happened Friday morning. Both men leave behind children who will now grow up without their fathers. Their families say killing a person is never the answer to any problem.

"This gun violence period it has to stop here. It took two lives in a tragic way.", says Blair.

"Please! Please put the guns down! You are not only killing off family, fathers, husband, sons but you are killing your own kind.", explains

Both families of the victims say all they can do is cling to each other and remember the good memories.

The investigation is ongoing. So far no arrests have been made, If you have any information about this case - contact the McCormick Sheriff's Office. We will be sure to update  if any new developments come.

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