Physical fitness training implemented at the Richmond County Marshal's Office

Physical fitness training implemented at the Richmond County Marshal's Office

(WFXG) - Richmond County deputies and deputy marshals are getting into shape.

Both the sheriff's office and now marshal's office are requiring their officers to pass physical fitness tests.

FOX 54's Jake Rakoci exchanged his suit jacket for gym clothes and took the test himself with the Marshal's office.

"Everything is based out of the Cooper Institue of Aerobic Fitness out of Dallas, Texas. We use a program similar to most agencies and what they use," said Colonel Probus with the Marshal's Office.

After getting stretched out, we got our standards. For a 25 to 30 year old male, we'd need to do 41 pushups in a minute, 39 sit ups in a minute, bench press 98 percent of our body weight, run 100 meters in under 16 seconds and a mile in under 8 minutes.

For a female aged 35 to 40 you'd need 18 pushups in a minute, 26 situps in a minute, 53% body weight on the bench,
100 meter sprint in under 20 seconds and a mile under 11 minutes.

"This is a physically demanding job. Even when you're not doing something physical just the stresses of this job can be extremely physically demanding, emotionally, demanding, we think the citizens deserve, and we should be doing it for our own, but he believes the citizens deserve a physically fit work force," said Colonel Probus.

For those that don't pass, the Family Y, Marshall's and Sheriff's office have a partnership to get the officers on a path towards

"The Y is stepping up to the plate and partnering in a great way," said Colonel Probus.

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