Local coffee shop creates special blend to help cancer patients

Local coffee shop creates special blend to help cancer patients

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A cup of coffee may help find the latest development in cancer research. A couple in Augusta is using their own custom brew and their personal experiences to make a difference.

"He had surgery four days after we opened and then more chemo therapy and more surgery.  So, for the first year, we we're kind of just hanging on," said Pat Curry as she recalls her husbands battle with cancer.

Pat and John Curry opened Buona Café in 2013.  Today, the couple launched a special brew for a special cause. 
Both Pat and John are cancer survivors.

"When you go through cancer treatment, it's not only is it a drain on you physically but also on you financially," said Pat.

The Curry's partnered with the Georgia Cancer Center to raise money for research and for families right here in this community.

"When John went through treatment, it was a very different experience than what I went through. It's like wow, they've really made a lot of progress. So anything we can do to help continue that whether its through research or providing support through patients while they're going through treatment."

Even the name of the heart-warming blend of coffee holds and inspirational message. A Brighter Day.

"When you're going through cancer, that's what you're really hoping for is a brighter day. There's some really dark days when you're going through treatment. And we thought, well maybe we can do something to give them some hope for a brighter day."

Coffee, creamer, and a little bit of sugar, to make the future a little sweeter.

John Curry says he prays their efforts help.

"We hope there's a day when we can say, when you get a cancer diagnosis, they say, Oh it's no big deal because it's been taken care of."

The proceeds from the sales will go to the Georgia Cancer Center. 
The 12 ounce bags of coffee are now available for $15. You can pick them up at the café on Central Avenue.