City Leaders want to revisit Golf Cart Ordinance

City Leaders want to revisit Golf Cart Ordinance

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - There could be changes coming that can allow people to drive golf-cart's throughout the City on public streets.

In a City known as one of the golf capitals of the world, Commissioner Sean Frantom introduced the idea of adopting an ordinance that will allow people to drive golf carts throughout city streets. "Now is the time for us to get with what other cities are doing across the country," he says.

According to the Mayor, an Ordinance is already in effect but it only affects certain streets in the downtown area. If passed, this would have the potential to be city-wide.

"I look at other cities and we're growing and we have a lot of population moving in and we really need to look at ways to create synergy," says Commissioner Frantom.

Many Commissioners say they're are on board with the idea especially with the immense growth in the downtown area and they can use other cities as a road map to see if it can be successful here.

"I think it's something that can be used. We'll look at other cities, what they're using and how they're doing it," says Commissioner Williams.

But Commissioner Williams says several things need to be discussed before revisiting the existing ordinance including how to deal with parking and potential traffic delays. "You have to look at the parking issue. If you have someone with a golf cart, if everyone has one it's going to create some serious problems for us,"

Commissioners approved creating a special task force that will have representatives from departments ranging from the Sheriff's Office to even Mayor's Office to tackle issues like what Commissioner Williams brought up. But it may not be long before you can see more golf carts being driven around the city.

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