Gas leaks in Columbia County

Gas leaks in Columbia County

(WFXG) - A portion of Washington Road was shut down because of a gas leak due to construction workers mistakenly cutting the line. Which caused traffic delays and even shut down Pizza Joint for a portion of the day.

Gas leaks are beginning to be common for residents and officials in Columbia County.

"We get two to three a week with all of the construction that's happening all around the county.", says Chief Danny Kuhlmann with the Columbia County Fire Rescue.

Gas leaks can be a big inconvenience to major roads like Washington Road. Especially during peak hours of going to work and lunch breaks. Making sure the area is safe is important but Chief Kuhlmann understands how drivers may be frustrated because there is no way to estimate the time it takes to finish repairs. "It depends on the size of the line and how bad the break is. A lot of the times the gas company can use isolation valves to shut the line down, other times it may take several hours."

Gas leaks can also be an inconvenience for first responders because it ties up man power that may be needed for other emergencies.

"On the fire side depending on the size of the leak, it could be two or three companies. For man power you are looking at twelve to fifteen people. . . the Sheriff's Office will have four, five, or six cars out there. Whatever is necessary to stop traffic, divert traffic, and detour traffic.", explains Chief Kuhlmann.

As long as there is construction underway gas leaks are likely to continue. Taxpayers should know that it is solely the contractors responsibility to pay for these repairs.

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