Wallethub ranks GA as one of worst states for Identity Theft & Fraud

Wallethub ranks GA as one of worst states for Identity Theft & Fraud

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A recent study completed by Wallethub has Georgia ranked near the top of a list no state wants to be on. Georgia is ranked the 5th worst state in the country when it comes to identity theft and fraud.

For Waylon Cawley, his duties as a sales manager involve numerous phone calls, emails and dealing with numbers. "I missed some big red flags. Red flags that I thought I would never miss," he says.

When one of his bosses sent an email asking to pay a vendor, it was business as usual until something stuck out. "It really surprised me, I didn't really catch on until he asked me to give a certain amount of money," explains Cawley.

That amount totaled nearly $3,000. It's that kind of scam targeting that helped to make Georgia one of the worst when it comes to customers falling for fraud.

"Scammers are going to scam. The more advanced they get the more advanced we have to be and know what looks legit and when that Spidey sense goes off and knowing sometimes not to click," says CEO Brandon McCrillis.

McCrillis who owns Rendition Infosec, is employed by major corporations to make sure they don't fall victim to attacks like this. He says something like this can happen to anyone.

"You may click on an email that may affect your personal email browsing that can take down your whole company in a matter of seconds," says McCrillis.

For Cawley, he and his boss were able to confirm they were getting scammed before he paid that vendor. But to him it's a sign that even when using work emails, you always have to be aware.

"I always felt I'm sophisticated enough to not ever fall for something like this and clearly it happened," says Cawley.

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