Local pastor to host awareness event for Janell Carwell

Local pastor to host awareness event for Janell Carwell

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A local ongoing investigation received national attention on the TV show  "Crime Watch Daily". Janell Carwell was last seen in Augusta on April 17. Since then her stepfather Leon Tripp has been charged with murder and kidnapping and her mother, Tonya Tripp charged with concealing a death. Janell Carwell has yet to be found.

A local pastor is trying to raise even more awareness about Carwell's disappearance? Pastor Angela Hardin is wanting the community to come together to watch Carwell's story. All in an effort to keep a light shinning on Janell Carwell.  Pastor Hardin says the response has been overwhelming since Carwell's story debuted last week. "Now Janell is known all over this world. I'm excited about that because we want to know what happened to Janell and we want to bring her home."

The Pastor is hosting a viewing reception for those in the community who did not get to see it. Those who attend will be asked to join Janell's Village which is a group that is actively spreading the word about the teen's disappearance, in hopes they find her. "We will not allow this case to go cold. If Janell does not come home in the next week, the next month, or the next year we are still going to be doing what we are doing. Every day I'm going to be lifting that baby up. And these billboards are going to be up all over this city.", explains Pastor Hardin. The group will also be launching something new at the viewing reception to help future families locate those who go missing. "We're going to bring some awareness of what do we do from here? What are some things we are putting in place so that Janell's story won't be someone else's story?"

The community will have to attend to find out more about the new effort they are launching. The viewing is Friday, October 13 at six p.m. at Henry Brigham Center on Golden Camp Road.

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