Local blood donations increase following Las Vegas shooting

Local blood donations increase following Las Vegas shooting

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The shooting sent shock waves of emotion from coast to coast and the CSRA felt them.

The events Monday left 59 people dead and over 500 injured or wounded.
And one of the best ways to help the cause is to donate blood.

United Blood Services is an affiliate of the Shepeard Community Blood Center out west and it has received a generous helping of goodwill.
Hospitals in Las Vegas reportedly go through about 300 pints of blood each day.

An appeal went out subsequent to the shooting and thousands answered the call, including Vice President Mike Pence.
Our area turned up, too.

Pam Rascon of the Shepeard Blood Center says the locations in Augusta, Evans, and Aiken have seen spikes in donors, going from about 20 to 40 on Monday alone.
One donor moved to Augusta from Vegas in the past month and said the news of the shooting rattled him.

"Just how the whole incident went down," said retired Air Force veteran Charles Bryhan. "And no motivating factors have come out as to why the guy did what he did. Just horrible all around."

Bryhan served at the Nellis Air Force Base in the Las Vegas area.
His circle of friends knew several people who were victimized Monday, and waiting for his buddies to call or text him back was suspense he never wants to feel again.

"It was kind of like waiting for Santa Claus," he said. "You're kind of on pins and needles to find out if everything is well."

The Shepeard Blood Center is currently on standby to help with blood supplies in Nevada.

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