2018 Columbia County County-wide Commissioner Chair race shapes up

2018 Columbia County County-wide Commissioner Chair race shapes up

Commissioner Doug Duncan will be running against Former EMA Director Pam Tucker. Both feel their previous positions give them an advantage.

He says:

"1. I have lots of private industry experience. 2. I have lots of community involvement… I just came off of being the Chair of the development authority of Columbia County, and I've also served on the Governor's office of work force development as the State Vice Chairman, so I understand the community service part, I understand the private sector part, and now I've been elected in office for two and a half years, so I have all three legs that I think is what you really need to serve and succeed."

His opponent, Pam Tucker states:

"Through decades of going through training and learning and working with people and also having a tremendous ability to put myself in the other person's shoe, I think has benefited me tremendously as having a servant's heart. I love to help people, so that's why I'm here, that's why I'm running."

Given Columbia County's excessive growth over the last few years, both feel strongly about making improvements in infrastructure.

Doug Duncan commented "Roads and storm water. I mean it is the number one thing that I hear when I talk to folks. We need to—with all of those people moving to Columbia County, with U. S. Army Cyber Command— we need to have a vision further than where we are now, and so I'm committed to finding the funding, and having the specifics of a plan that deals with more folks coming in the future."

Pam Tucker agreed: "It's obvious with the traffic that our infrastructure has just not kept up with the growth, so what we've got to do is have the right people at the table. The developers in the community have to be at the table, we have to have DOT at the table. We all have to be on the same page. You can't operate in a vacuum and make arbitrary decisions based on what feels good at the moment. You have got to bring in other people and get the stakeholders involved."

Doug Duncan says he will run on the promise of making Columbia County a bigger draw for new business while reducing property taxes and improving quality of life.

Pam Tucker says the focus of her campaign will be on improving transparency between all elected officials and citizens. She believes that will lead to improving county-wide leadership.

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