Bible Theatre 101 classes begin at the Kroc Center

Bible Theatre 101 classes begin at the Kroc Center

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A local theater company in partnership with the Kroc center is teaching kids theater with a little twist. Enopion theater company is a bible theater company devoted to creating plays that help spread the gospel of Christ. The students learned how to move on stage, get comfortable with their bodies, and got to know their classmates in a small class setting. "We're teaching them theater from the beginning, how to stand on the stand, what to do with your body, but the most important thing because it's called Bible theater 101, it's teaching them how to tell the gospel message using theater," says instructor Carol Rozelle.

The classes will help the students grow in confidence, communication, and teamwork as they learn how to spread the gospel through the arts. "I think that that is, theater is theatre, how you do it. But our difference is we are a group of believers and our actors all profess Christ," says Rozelle.

If you missed the classes this time around, don't worry, there are plenty to go around. "We have registration ongoing if they go to the website, they can just sign up there. We're always adding classes, so we want to just keep it rolling, we don't want to finalize anything. So as students come in, we'll add more and more classes," says Rezzelle.

The final demonstration will be November 13th after their final class and it will be held at the Kroc center's main theater. For more information, you can visit

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