Augusta Canal Moonlight Music Cruise Lineup Announced

Augusta Canal Moonlight Music Cruise Lineup Announced

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - What could be better than an extremely relaxing start to your weekend?

During Fall, the artists partnering with the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area are offering Friday Night Moonlight Music Cruises.

Julie Boone, Education and Program Coordinator, elaborated:

"Friday Night Music Cruise is one of our favorite, favorite programs. People love to come out, bring their little coolers with their snack dinners, and just have a nice, lazy time on the canal listening to live music on our Petersburg boats."

September 22's performance sold out immediately. No worries, though because this is a recurring weekly event. Start times will change between now and October based off of daylight saving's time.

This is Fall 2017's schedule:

09/29/17 6:30PM Roger Enevoldsen

10/06/17 6:00PM Gaffney Jarrell

10/13/17 6:00PM Double D

10/20/17 6:00PM Christian Ndeti

10/27/17 6:00PM The Henry's

"They leave about an hour before sunset, so each month, the time is a little different, so you always need to check our website to see about that."

Attendees, at boarding time, may bring whatever they're interested in enjoying on the water! Dinner and a show! From picnic food to tons of refreshments!

"They can bring their own food, their drinks of choice, adult beverages included, and we always have a good time. A lot of people bring a little bottle of wine, and some cheese, and sandwiches, and snacks."

Added bonus: Moonlight Music Cruise ticket purchases include Augusta Canal National Heritage Discovery Center admission on any given day. Even if you do not have time before embarking on one hour and a half tours!

"When you buy your music cruise ticket, that includes our ten minute film and our discovery center. And even if you don't have time that evening to do those, say if you go out on a Friday night, save the museum and the center for Saturday… That works for you. We honor those the next day."

For information on purchasing tickets, call (706) 823-0440, extension 4.

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