Golden Harvest prepares emergency relief boxes for evacuees

Golden Harvest prepares emergency relief boxes for evacuees

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta food banks haven't wasted anytime preparing for the evacuees who will come into the CSRA. Golden Harvest food bank has taken initiative to make sure evacuees have ready-to-eat food and toiletries to make their transition less worrisome. "We are putting together, between our Aiken facility and this facility here, we are going to put together 2,700 boxes. And we are responsible for about 2,100 of them. So, we'll get those together between work we did last night, work that's being done today, and what will happen tomorrow with our volunteers. We're on top of it," says Christina Alexander of Golden Harvest.

And today 35 volunteers came in to make sure those relief boxes were put together. "It really is just truly amazing when our volunteers are motivated to do when something like this happens. We have extremely dedicated volunteers anyway. But they start rallying for donations, they start coming in, they bring us more items that we need and then they come in and get everything packed super quickly," says Alexander.

Beta Club member, Helen Whitacre, says she is humbled that she's able to help families who are in such dire need of the community's service. "I'm honestly going to feel really proud of myself and proud of these other people, these awesome people that I work with. And I think that it's just going to be such a satisfying feeling at the end of the day knowing that people are just going to be so relieved to know that other people are willing to help them," says Whitacre.

These relief boxes will go to the evacuees in Augusta's coverage area and then to Golden Harvest's partnering banks. If you'd like to donate to the Golden Harvest food bank, you can visit them at 3310 Commerce Drive.

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