Locals work together to collect donations for Hurricane Harvey victims

Locals work together to collect donations for Hurricane Harvey victims

If you are interested in donating supplies to tons of Texas as well as Louisiana Hurricane Harvey victims, this is your chance.

North Augusta's Rowland Ford Funeral Home and Brighter Side Roofing are working together to aid Hurricane Harvey victims.

On Tuesday, an eighteen wheeler truck arrived. This is nearly half filled based off of community member donations.

Today, countless volunteers appeared ready for fork lifting, heavy lifting, and much more.

Samuel Leverette,Brighter Side Roofing Company Owner, says "The donations have been absolutely amazing. I mean literally by the second cars have been coming in. The community has responded so well to this. I mean literally every single second, every single hour, we have tons of cars. We have several people out there right now dropping stuff off."

Nothing could be better than an increase in man power.

Volunteer Mary Rains added "We need all the help we can get. I mean it takes a lot to get this stuff packed up to go. We can get this truck finished we can get another truck."

Even residents who have little themselves around our area are expressing interest in contributing. One coordinator told me he answered an endless number of similar calls:

"I had a lady call me over the phone, and she said, Antonio, I barely have any gas in my car, I have about five bucks to my name, and I want to donate, and, uh, it just dawned on me, I said ma'am, you know, we actually have a drop off in Burke County. The Burke County sheriff's department is actually taking a drop off to support the effort here."

Any items will be beneficial, especially water, short sleeve tee shirts, long sleeve tee shirts, underwear, baby clothes… Just no cash or food.

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