How to be best prepared for The Total Solar Eclipse

How to be best prepared for The Total Solar Eclipse

The Total Solar Eclipse can only propose danger if your eyes are exposed to too much brightness. People across our area are getting ready now.

It’s not everyday a Total Solar Eclipse happens right outside of your front door. We went to ask Ruth Patrick Science Center Director Gary J. Senn how everyone can be best equipped:

 “The biggest preparation would be to be sure to get your glasses. So… There are two types that we have. They’re kind of like sunglasses that go over your ears. They’re also what we call viewers---they’re little square pieces of paper that have the material that you can use and you can hold them up. They’re easy to pass around if you want to do that as well. “

Day of, keep glasses on only until 2:40PM. Remove glasses during totality to see it.

 “As we get further into the eclipse closer to that time of totality, and it begins to get a little bit darker, that’s when the danger occurs if there’s still sunlight, so people in Aiken and Augusta if you are actually staying there, you’ll have to be protected all the time. Only if you get up into that path of totality, into SC, will you be able to take off those glasses for that brief, two-minute period.”

Based off of brightness, this is potentially dangerous. Doctor Senn says staring into light could result in injuries as severe as blindness.

 “The only danger is that during an eclipse as the moon passes over the sun, it gets darker. Those same harmful rays are present even with the slightest sliver of the sun, however. So, while your eyes might not know, they’re almost being tricked because it’s dark.” 

Be careful when looking at a telescope or binoculars, too.

You can acquire a pair of these all over town:

 “There are actually a number of places in our community here in Aiken that have them available, the same glasses that we have, so there are people that are excited about it, some of the downtown shops, the Chamber of Commerce, some of the other city organizations, we’ve got some sponsors, some local agencies, Specks in Aiken, actually, is sponsoring the eclipse, a little bit, and so they have glasses available with them, and Aiken Entomology also has glasses available.”

August 21, 2017 will arrive so soon: 4 days. You’ll be better off buying glasses as soon as possible. 

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