Salvation Army of Augusta is in dire need of donations

Salvation Army of Augusta is in dire need of donations

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Salvation Army is currently experiencing some of its toughest times in its history. The Men's shelter is close to capacity and now food has become limited.

Inside the Salvation Army's Center of Hope is a place of refuge for people going through difficult times. But recently the center has been filled with uncertainty because of one major issue, Space.

"It just pushes us on every side at a time of year when we typically don't have that type of demand," says Captain Philip Canning.

He says the Shelter has certainly seen better days. "Typically during the summer we see a decline in demand because people are able to stay outside or have other means of accommodations."

But how bad is it? According to the Salvation Army, it fed close to 7800 people in June. Last month, that number increased to nearly 8500

"That takes not only more food but more man power and more shifts in order to feed those people."

But the Women's Shelter is said to be the most concerning. In a space meant for under 90, it exceeds into the hundreds some nights.

"For some of them it's simply a mat on the floor. Some of those sleeping on the floor is children, which we don't like to do but at least they have a place to stay."

And now the Shelter has exhausted its options and is turning to the community for help. To find out more information and how you can help, click this link
The army says the donations will be spent on toiletries, food, and more resources.

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