UPDATE: Parents react to children left in Richmond County daycare

UPDATE: Parents react to children left in Richmond County daycare

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - When you drop your kids off for daycare you expect them to be taken care of.  Some Augusta parents are reacting to the shocking allegations of a daycare worker.

Karen Jones is charged with leaving nine kids unsupervised inside while she locked the door and left. FOX 54's Miya Payton spoke with some mothers who say this is a horrible case.

Richmond County fire inspector Jermaine Jennings was outside of Karen's Kiddie Korner finishing paperwork when he says Karen Jones left the building, leaving behind nine kids unsupervised. The oldest was eleven and the youngest was one.

"That is scary. That is really scary especially with a two year old anything could happen.", says Madeash Utley.

Jones was arrested when she returned back to the building. Charged with five counts of reckless conduct. Mrs. Utley has a two year old and chooses to not leave her child at a daycare. "I just don't trust people with my baby so I let her stay home with my mom."

Another mother, Cynthia Taylor, feels badly for the parents of the nine kids. She couldn't imagine if her child were put in that type of danger. "
I would have been at that school demanding answers . . not that an answer would have actually solved the issue as to what happened but someone would have had some explaining to do." She also has advice for parents who may be looking for childcare. "I think you should research the daycare you put your children into and just make sure that the staff.. the ratio of teacher to child is appropriate."

Taylor is grateful the inspector reported Jones to the police. She says it often takes a community to care for a child.

On Friday around 3 p.m., A Richmond county fire inspector was conducting an annual Fire Inspection on the daycare Karen's Kiddie Korner. During the inspection he noticed kids sleeping in a room. Karen Jones was the only adult in the building. After the inspection was complete, the fire inspector went back to his car to finish up some paperwork. That's when he noticed Jones leave the daycare, and drive away, leaving the children alone, he then called 911.

According to the Sheriff's office, it wasn't until 3:30 that Jones daughter showed up to the daycare and unlocked the doors to let deputies in.
When Jones returned to the daycare, she was arrested and charged with five counts of reckless conduct. The children left inside appeared unharmed.

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