Tips to protect yourself and pets from rabies

Tips to protect yourself and pets from rabies

A raccoon that bit two dogs in Columbia County has tested positive for rabies. The raccoon was fighting with two pet dogs in Martinez. Luckily the owners were not attacked. FOX54's Miya Payton has what you need to know to protect yourself, and your pets.

A warning from the health department -- after a raccoon along Quail Spring Circle tested positive for rabies. According to Doctor Mark Newton at Doctors Hospital, rabies is a devastating disease worldwide. He says the disease is typically found in wild animals like skunks, foxes, coyotes, and raccoons. You should seek immediate medical attention if you, your family, or your pets are ever exposed. "If you have your skin broken enough to bleed, that's a high-risk interaction. You really need to get that taken care of."

MARTINEZ, GA (WFXG) - Just a couple of months ago, a Burke County deputy responded to a call of a wild fox acting strangely and was bitten. It turned out, the animal had rabies.
Newton encourages people to pay attention to signs that most animals with rabies show. One sure sign of trouble? -- if you see nocturnal animals out during the day. "If they're in your trash can at nig ht, then that's different. But if they're out during the day, that should be a red flag for any of us and if they approach a human that's an even bigger red flag." He also says as long as there are wild animals around, people should be aware of the treatments that are available if attacked by an animal with rabies. "We would clean the wound and inject some medication and some immunoglobulin -- those are like pre-made antibodies that will go and grab the rabies vaccine and block it from multiplying. The last thing , start giving the dose of rabies vaccine now that won't kick in until a week or ten days . . it's kind of a process."

According to the C-D-C, human cases of rabies are rare in the United States. And here's the good news for your pets, the impact of the disease is greatly decreased among dogs that have been vaccinated.

A raccoon in Columbia County has tested positive for rabies.

Last week, the raccoon was picked up last week in the Quail Spring Circle area of Martinez after fighting with two pet dogs. The Columbia County Health Department shipped the raccoon off for rabies testing and the results came back positive.

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