Fruitland Augusta talks success and inspiration

Fruitland Augusta talks success and inspiration

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The peach business is booming for one Augusta company. Fruitland Augusta's Peach Vodka and Peach Tea Vodka, you can find them at almost every independently-owned restaurant and liquor store around town.

"The amount of support that we've gotten from the locals, from whether it's the city government or the local people. The bar owners and liquor store owners. It's been overwhelming, it's been great," said Yuri Cato, Founder of Fruitland Augusta.

The company launched 3 years ago and is seeing tremendous success.

What you might not know is that Fruitland Augusta was inspired by P.J. Berckmans, whose peach orchards once sat where the Augusta National is now.

Yuri explained, "In his lifetime, he planted over 3 million peach trees on the Fruitland property. So, he's truly the reason why we're called the peach state today. And he was known as the father of Georgia peaches."

Yuri is so inspired by Berckmans story, she even put his face on the bottles. With easy access to the Vodkas around town, it's not difficult for people to sample it before heading to the liquor store to buy a bottle. Steven's Creek Wine and Spirits owner, Keith Axelson, says the peach vodkas are a popular sell for them.

Keith explained, "We've never had a complaint on it. So, that has a lot to do with it. Because sometimes people can put something in a fancy bottle, but maybe the product is not quite that good. But this is one that's in the a nice bottle and the product is very good."

The product launched in Augusta and is spreading across Georgia. Keith says people don't hesitate to stock up, which is good for his business too.

He said, "We'll have people from North Carolina, South Carolina. They might get 4,5,or 6 bottles at a time."

This demand has made Fruitland Augusta a household name now.

Yuri explained, "We want to spread this history and we want people to come out here to Augusta or anyone in Georgia to truly enjoy this, and the history of it."

With August being National Peach Month you'll see special Fruitland cocktails at restaurants across town.

Due to alcohol laws, Fruitland Augusta currently takes Georgia peaches to Florida for production. Then, ships the bottles back to Georgia. The company is working to get an Augusta distillery, it's just a long process.

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