How to stay safe when lightning strikes

How to stay safe when lightning strikes

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - July is one of the deadliest months for lightning strikes in the United States. With all of the thunderstorms and lightning the CSRA has been having lately, it's essential for you to know how to stay safe. A lightning strike knocked out power at the airport's runway on July 24th and caused a couple of fires the previous weekend.

So, don't think that a lightning strike is something that won't happen to you. The best way to avoid being struck by lightning is to stay indoors. Your car is also an alternative safe place. Lightning usually strikes the tallest object in the area, so stay away from trees, fences, or poles if you are outside. Another place to avoid during a thunderstorm is the swimming pool. As soon as you hear thunder, leave the pool. You should also protect your electronics by using a surge protector. A representative from Georgia Power says you shouldn't go outside even after a storm is over.

"One of the reasons why we tell people to stay inside is because if there's a downed wire or any low hanging wires, they can actually still conduct electricity even if you don't think that they're live. Do not ever try to pull tree limbs off of power lines. Even a puddle can be charged so  extremely dangerous. Things you may not be thinking of," said Meredith Stone of Georgia Power.

Georgia is the 8th highest state for the amount of lightning strikes per square mile.

Georgia Power offers an online power outage map to help you see where the power is out and an estimated time that it will be restored.

When we do have severe weather, plan ahead by downloading the WFXG Weather app to see if it's heading your way.

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