Clubhouse accepting applications for 2nd round of "Coding Boot camp"

Clubhouse accepting applications for 2nd round of "Coding Boot camp"

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A 12-week boot camp but this isn't a military experience. 
It's an intensive coding boot camp, aimed at keeping home grown talent in the C-S-R-A.

Applicants don't have to have a degree in coding or even past work experience but what they look at it in the interview process. The intangibles, how do you feel about the growing field?

It was a long-shot for Rebecca Van Loenen, securing a spot in the 1st ever "Coding Boot camp"

"I said, 'well, why not take a chance to do it?' and so I did it," says Van Loenen.

Along with 9 other classmates, Van Loenen was part of the inaugural class this past spring at the Clubhouse.

These coding camps are already established in major cities like Charlotte and Atlanta. But what got the approval here is those same cities were grabbing talent from right here in the C-S-R-A.

"They would go to these boot camps to get this intensive training over a 12-week, 16-week period they would then graduate out of the program and get a job elsewhere and not return to Augusta," says Chase Lanier, Educational Director at the Clubhouse.

This 12-week program consists of web development and data management. Something Rebecca will tell you she had close to no experience.

"Overcoming the stigma that just because I didn't come from a technology background, didn't grow up with that that I couldn't learn this, at least the basics," she says.

Instructors say what they're looking for isn't something that can be shown with a degree or past experience.

"We want people who are self-motivated and are willing to see the entire 12 weeks through," says Instructor Nadem Soharab.

"To have a passion for this it helps anybody with anything that they're learning to really want to do it otherwise it's an assignment," says Lanier.

With applications available for August, Van Loenen's advice is simple for anyone who has ever thought about Cyber, Just go for it. "Any knowledge that you can learn in life, if you have the opportunity to do it, then do it."

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