Law Enforcement cracks down on speeding with new initiative

Law Enforcement cracks down on speeding with new initiative

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - Speeding and car fatalities continue to be a driving problem along highways and rural roads. Without really thinking about it, drivers speed by to get where they need to go. Sergeant Brandon Reeves of Burke County Sheriff's Office says that since January, the state has seen hundreds of car fatalities.

"We're at 782 fatalities across the state. That's 782 too many," says Reeves.

But now they are implementing a new week-long initiative called Operation Southern Shield. During that time…law enforcement will be seen often along highways and back roads. "It's going to be saturated patrols. Every agency has been asked to participate in this. If they have the man power available to get out to work traffic enforcement. We're targeting the speeders and it's going to be zero tolerance," says Reeves.

The community has shown support for this new effort and hope it will cut down on the number of traffic accidents. "People are tired of opening the paper or seeing in the news every day that someone has been killed due to carelessness from other drivers. All that we're asking is just slow down, obey the speed limit," says Reeves.

As Sergeant Reeves would say "slow down and arrive alive".

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