Commissioner wants future changes in downtown to include more of James Brown

Commissioner wants future changes in downtown to include more of James Brown

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Destination Blueprint is aimed at making Augusta one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There are plans to extend the Augusta Commons and even bring in mobile golf carts for people to get around.

So far they plan to bring in golf carts, create a visitor's center, expand the Augusta commons and much more. Commissioners approved the concept on Tuesday but one question still lingers for one. Will it incorporate more of James Brown?

"We talked about the golf carts and everything we can do. I'm trying to figure out if any other cities had the legacy that we can we build on, like his history, his background or anything else," says Commissioner Marion Williams.

For Megan Webster, it's the first time she and her sons are visiting the Garden City. She says when she researched the area, the first think she found was James Brown. "I saw that he grew up here and that was cool. Some of my relatives are big James Brown fans," she says.

But she said she was surprised there wasn't a museum she could visit. "He's just a big music figure and you would think they would want to own it and celebrate it a little more."

Despite plans still being in the beginning stages, Augusta could see the travel golf carts as early as next year. But we'll have to wait and see how the legacy of James Brown will be implemented into the plan.

The President for Convention & Visitors Bureau, Barry White says there will be a James Brown element when these major projects are completed in the future years.

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