Will changes to Mike Padgett help pedestrians?

Will changes to Mike Padgett help pedestrians?

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - For those  in Augusta Mike Padgett highway is known to be a dangerous roadway.

That brings the question, are there any changes coming to increase safety for drivers and pedestrians?

Currently, there is a reconstruction project stretching about 5 miles of Mike Padgett highway. The 29 million dollar project is  going to widen the road and add some extra turn lanes to try and remedy some of the accidents that happen.

Nearly two weeks ago there were two pedestrians killed on Mike Padgett Highway. That brought up the question about adding extra lighting.

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation there have been almost 100 incidents on Mike Padgett in 2017 so far. And as far as pedestrian safety, pedestrian deaths are up 40% in Georgia in the last two years.

The  Georgia Department of transportation is stressing "See and be Seen" campaign for pedestrians.

Kyle Collins from GDOT  says the new construction wont specifically add more lighting fixtures but some features should help.

"Obviously you're going to have the most up to date reflective signage..you know the reflectors in the travel way and the reflective striping that's going to increase your viability at night."

Collins also said that the new construction has to be completed by July. But the extra lanes should be open before then.

For drivers, you'll have more turn lanes and a signal light that should reduce a lot of those rear end crashes. But for pedestrians make sure you're wearing something reflective or even something like shining the light on your phone can help you to be seen.

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