Tips to properly secure your child's car seat

Tips to properly secure your child's car seat

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Over the past several weeks, Richmond County has seen several accidents in which children were reportedly ejected from vehicles; the latest coming on May 4.

10,000 accidents were reported across the country in 2016 with children who were ejected during car accidents due to improperly secured safety equipment. That's not even taking into account the parents who never reported it.

When it comes to buckling in the little one's sometimes that can be a full-time job.

"The two-year-old, sometimes he can just fall out. The eight-month-old, he's kind of squirmy sometimes, just trying to get them in there and get him buckled in correctly," says Andrea Norman, a mother of two. "It's a little bit challenging sometimes, especially if you're in a hurry or if it's raining or something like that. It's challenging."

But she says no matter the circumstance, safety is always a priority. But with recent reports of children being ejected during accidents, she says it's concerning. "My biggest fear is if I don't do it. If I'm just going to the store or something real quick, then somebody can hit me and my baby can go flying."

"We all have car insurance. That's kind of your kids car insurance: their car seat." Bonnie Fulghun, a safety prevention coordinator for Safe Kids, says there are many common mistakes parents make when making sure their kids are strapped in. More straps aren't necessarily safer. Try to upgrade your child's car seat as they grow to the model of your car.

"If you can think about all the car seat manufacturers we have and then all the different cars we have, that's a lot of techniques and different ways that you have to install a car seat for a child."

Safe Kids technicians are trained to teach parents how to properly insert car seats in any vehicles and they insist on parents coming by if they aren't sure how. Because safety should always be the number one goal. "It's very important to me and if I have to be a little bit late just to make sure that were there safe then so be it," says Norman.

In the next couple of months, Safe Kids of Aiken County will be having an event where they'll be giving out free car seats for parents. To find out more, visit

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