High 5 4 Kids: ShaCairo Canody

High 5 4 Kids: ShaCairo Canody

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - This week on High 5 4 Kids we're introducing you to one high school student whose talents got her an invitation to travel the Down Under Sports Tournament.

Family is what keeps ShaCairo Canody going. This tight-knit bunch helps her as a student athlete who's also an A and B student. "When I was younger I started off with track and my mom joined me into an outside of school soccer team," says Canody. The sophomore at Richmond Academy plays several sports including volleyball and cross country, two sports played at the same time of year. "It's been really hectic because cross country and volleyball are in the same season so going from two different sports is kind of busy."

Now her talents have been recognized nationally. She was recently invited to the Downtown Sports Tournament which is hosted in Australia. The trip isn't something she could have imagined just a few years ago. "The more I do something, the more I get the hang of it. I think it comes natural to me."

But when Canody was getting ready for tryouts, her mom noticed her daughter needed some extra motivation. So her mom decided to go the extra mile.

"My pace was not going to do anything for her. And I did come out in the morning time and try to train and run my 2 miles so I can help her out and motivate her to keep going," says Jolanda Santiago.

The rest was history. As ShaCairo prepares to embark on a new journey, she'll never forget her main source of motivation, her family.

"I try to fill those shoes as best as I can, she usually leaves me but I'm still out here going," says Santiago.

When ShaCairo grows up, she wants to attend NYU and one day become a physical therapist.

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