Patriots Park preparing for upgrades and expansion

Patriots Park preparing for upgrades and expansion

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Patriots Park is one of the busiest spots in Columbia County. With a large increase in recreational players traffic at the park has reached an all-time high.

"It is a major safety concern with people parking on the grass and on islands. And line of sight and vision is bad," said John Luton, Director of Community and Leisure Services.

In the last few weeks team practices and games have been rearranged to help alleviate the congestion. But the long term fix is expanding the park.

"25 additional acres have been added off William Few Parkway adjacent to the park. It will add 4 to 5 multi-purpose soccer fields," Luton explained.

Even more good news: the addition includes 400 new parking spaces. Work crews will also add a third entrance off William Few Parkway.

Luton said, "There'll be 3 ways into the park, and 3 ways out. And all roads and all parking lots will be connected."

Park attendees say they're excited about that. As of now the 2 entrances to the park do not intersect, making it difficult for drivers to get around.

The Columbia County's General Obligation Bond is providing the funding for these changes. Residents can expect to see construction start this fall and wrap up within a year. During that time all programs at Patriots Park will go continue as normal. The disc golf course is the only area expected to change.  A few holes will need to move for a while.

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