DOT workers respond to 2 employees killed in hit-and-run

DOT workers respond to 2 employees killed in hit-and-run

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It's a dangerous job working beside a road, but that's reality for DOT workers across the country.

"We've got thousands of personnel scattered throughout the state in high traffic areas," says Kyle Collins, with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

That's why Monday's deadly incident takes a toll on transportation employees. Two South Carolina DOT workers, Anthony Redman and Robert Clark, were struck and killed near Augusta Road and Storm Branch Road in Aiken County. "It definitely hits home for us. Any DOT is our brothers and sisters across the water in South Carolina. It just reiterates the fact of how work zone safety is important," Collins says.

And the worry of being hit is always on these crew members' minds. "We're sacrificing our lives to benefit them each- and - every day. And so it's a very worrisome job especially in the urban areas," explains Jay Glisson, an Augusta Area Maintenance Manager with GDOT.

But don't think as a driver you're the only one looking out. These men and women are trained to watch out for themselves too. "We take them through traffic control course, flagger training. How to properly set up the work zone. We follow national uniform traffic standards for the work zone set up. As you can see we have the coneage, the buffer vehicle with the message board," Collins explains.

With more than thirty work zones just in the Augusta area right now, DOT workers are asking the public to use Monday's incident as a reminder to use extra caution. "Be aware that these people have families too, and they want to go home just the same as the driving public," Glisson says.

The Georgia Department of Transportation says since 1973, fifty-eight GADOT employees have been killed by drivers on the job. Two of those were within the last five years. Including Monday's incident, SCDOT has lost eight since 2007.

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