Local group opposes bar being put in abandoned Planned Parenthood building

Local group opposes bar being put in abandoned Planned Parenthood building

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - From buildings to streets and everything in between, redevelopment has been a hot topic for the City of Augusta. But, when it comes to turning the vacant Planned Parenthood building into a bar, some residents are saying 'not so fast'.

We hear a lot of complaints about abandoned buildings, so why don't folks want to see this building renovated? The same group that fought to shut Planned Parenthood down are the same people who say moving a bar onto this corner would be disrespectful to the thousands of unborn embryos and fetuses that came through this building.

According to Augusta's city ordinance, the bar would meet legal standards; it's zoned in a commercial area and sits at least one hundred yards away from a house of worship. For those reasons, all four members of the Public Services Committee voted in favor of the establishment. But, those against the bar say the space should represent a gravesite of the embryos and fetuses that were aborted. They say a bar would perpetuate the same type of behavior that causes women to get abortions in the first place.

Gary Garner, who spoke out against the bar during last week's meeting has been a long-time critic of what he believes Planned Parenthood represents. "This is like having the worst serial killer that you could have in your city, loose, licensed and permitted to just run loose and kill."

Commissioner Guilfoyle says while the body may not agree with the principles behind the bar, they have to be fair across the board when granting licenses. Commissioners will make the final decision on what will happen to this Broad Street building during Tuesday's meeting at 2:00 p.m. in council chambers.

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