Club adviser sets up food pantry at Georgia Military College

Club adviser sets up food pantry at Georgia Military College

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It's no secret that college is expensive. Schools across the nation are beginning to realize that students aren't just struggling to pay tuition, some are also struggling to pay for food.

The Community Involvement Club at Georgia Military College recently opened a free food pantry to support students who may be in need. The idea started when the club's adviser, Missie Usry, saw a video on Facebook with a similar concept. She realized that some of the students that she works with every day could be facing the same problems.

The term "starving college student" is often used lightheartedly but for some, it is a disturbing reality. With the rising costs of textbooks and the impending doom of student loans, the food pantries that are popping up on college campuses offer a sense of relief. But the dilemma doesn't end after college.

That's why Georgia Military College's "Free Little Pantry" is open to all students, staff faculty. A small donation cabinet sits in the lobby and all are free to donate or take any items that they need. Food, canned vegetables, water, household items and even toiletries like toothpaste and toilet paper come in and out of the pantry all day.

Usry hopes that this will bring some awareness to the issue. "Well, what I'm hoping is that students will see that not everybody in need looks like the part of an individual who is in need."

She also said that since the pantry opened people have even donated two sets of pots and pans with ingredients to make a full meal. The pantry is small now but the Community Involvement club hopes to expand the program so that all students faculty and staff who are in need will have no problems accessing necessities.

The school is also taking donations from the public. If you want to donate you can bring your items to the back lobby of the school.

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