Augusta garbage collector returns thousands of dollars thrown in trash to owner

Augusta garbage collector returns thousands of dollars thrown in trash to owner

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A routine Wednesday route quickly turned eventful for an Augusta garbage collector after a toppled trash can revealed thousands of dollars.

Thirty thousand customers per week, seventy-four employees and fourteen pieces of equipment help keep the wheels rolling down at Advanced Disposal. But it was one fateful Wednesday that has these folks beaming with pride.

"Someway, somehow, the arm of my truck wasn't working properly. When I got ready to dump my can over into my hopper, all of the trash fell over onto the ground," said garbage collector Anthony Jones. What would've been a headache for most, turned into a chance encounter for Jones. "When I walked around the truck to pick up the trash, there was two envelopes full of money."

What would you do? Pocket the money or return it?

Well, for Jones, the decision was a no-brainer. "I went and knocked on the customer's door and returned the cash back to her." Jones said a lesson taught by his parents many years ago is what compelled him to do the right thing. "If something's not yours return it if you know whose it is."

Now, Jones' supervisor, Walt Ritter, tells FOX 54 that his act of service is inspiring the entire department. "When I first heard the story, I was astonished. He brought a smile to the group, which is powerful," said Ritter.

$8,500 returned to its rightful owner, and an employee who is a walking testament that good people, in fact, do exist. "No matter what it seems like, we have to always remember that by doing the right thing, God will bless you more," said Jones.

The rightful owner of the cash was so excited, she gave Jones a reward for his kind act and told him to buy the biggest steak he could find in the city of Augusta.

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