Pollution awareness advocates push for better recycling awareness in CSRA

Pollution awareness advocates push for better recycling awareness in CSRA

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Pollution in our community is getting a closer look. One Georgia State Senator has designated Feb. 15 "Plastic Pollution Awareness Day" in the Peach State.

Advocates for pollution awareness just want to see people using less limited land space to create more landfills. Dumpster Depot, one of the CSRA's leading recycling sites, is working hard to make recycling a part of people's everyday lives. I spoke with co-owner Emily Dunagan, who tells me what she would like to see happen. "Ideally, what we would love to see happen is have people get more educated on recycling. A lot of the material that is being thrown into the landfills is something that can be recycled."

When asked "why not more landfills?", Dunagan responds, "Well, I feel like we're making a lot more space on this Earth that we're just throwing our trash in when we could be taking this material and recycling it. And we could stop using our limited natural resources to make more material that we need for our everyday life."

According to National Geographic, research from 2016 shows eight million tons of plastic wash into our seas every year. Another big problem is the debris that comes along with plastic use. That was another thing mentioned in the discussion of adding a landfill to the Augusta area.

But Dumpster Depot recycles enough material in one week to fill up the James Brown Arena. Their million-dollar sorting line was made to make recycling less of a chore for people. And recycling isn't as much of a hassle as it used to be. Homeowners and business owners don't have to sort each different material. It can all be dumped in one bin and Dumpster Depot does the rest.

And all of the material taken from Dumpster Depot is sent to a manufacturer where its turned back into the material that it originally was.

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