Neighboring church reacts to indictment of L.O.E. Gang members

Neighboring church reacts to indictment of L.O.E. Gang members

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - It all started on Shirley Avenue in Augusta.

This is the block where the L.O.E. (Loyalty Over Everything) Gang, formerly known as the Shirley Avenue Boys, got their start back in the 1980's.

"No community condones crime of any kind," said Clarence Moore, pastor of the Good Shepherd Baptist Church.

Moore has pastored the church that sits right across the street from Shirley Avenue for more than three decades and said he and his congregation hit the corners every week to pray for an end to the violence.  "We go out, pray and ask God to give us back our community, our city, as well as the nation."

Those prayers, along with nearly two years of dedication from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office are what investigators said helped them indict 17 members of the L.O.E. Gang.

Of the 17, Gregory Mims is a former Richmond County Jailer, while Teangel McFadden serves as an active duty member of the Navy in California.

Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree said, "This organization was involved in murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault, drug distribution, firearms violations, witness tampering, along with several other state and local charges."

He noted that as the L.O.E. Gang became more bold and violent, investigators knew it was high time to make a dent in their organization.

"We're going to throw every resource we have available, not only to arrest and prosecute, but to eradicate the gangs that we have here in Richmond County," said Roundtree.

And according to the gang task force, they're tracking 90 organizations across the county.

Moore said, "It just shows that more work needs to be done."

Roundtree hopes that this sting will send a loud wake up call to everyone in his area participating in criminal activity.  Pastor Moore plans to stay in the fight  to serve as a leader in taking  back the streets.

In the indictment, investigators note that while the L.O.E. Gang does not identify with a particular color, they are affiliated with the more commonly known Blood Gang. Members use the number "32" as a stamp to identify themselves on social media, as well as hand signs like the number "3" with the letter "L".

Two of the 17 indicted members of the gang are still at large. No court date has been set for the 14 who are in Richmond County custody.

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