Martin Luther King, Jr. parade in Augusta honors his civil rights legacy

Martin Luther King, Jr. parade in Augusta honors his civil rights legacy

The 34th Annual MLK Day parade in Augusta was a stacked event--100 units and hundreds of spectators from all around the CSRA were not afraid to show their support for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s message of unity.

"Everyone is engaged," said Beulah Teachey of the Augusta NAACP. "We are going to work together to be able to keep the dream alive."

Dr. King, champion of the Civil Rights Movement, wanted a world where every man, woman, and child was presented with equal opportunity.
This often leads to a gross misinterpretation. One that Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis wants to change.

"This is not quote 'a black parade,' said mayor Davis. "This is a parade for the city of Augusta. It's representing the very spirit of Dr. King in terms of embodying the rights of all people."

The Civil Rights Movement was and is for all people. If one of us is discriminated against, we all lose in the eyes of Beulah Teachey.

"When one person is taken advantage of, when one person is beat down, it impacts all of us," she said.

Dr. King's legacy is survived by the freedoms we enjoy today. He met violence with kindness, and continues to inspire almost fifty years later.

"He taught us about how to stand up for ourselves, no matter who we are, whatever station in life, that we all matter, and we believe in that wholeheartedly," said Denice Traina, a participant in the parade. "And we're here to support everyone."

As long as we remember the sacrifices so many made yesterday to better our lives today, those who made the Civil Rights Movement a possibility will never be forgotten.

"This is one Augusta. Not a divided Augusta," said mayor Davis. "This is one Augusta. We're stronger together, and let's love and move beyond a place called hate."

Ceremonies, parades, and celebrations will continue throughout the country this weekend to honor of a movement that changed the world forever.
MLK Jr. Day will be observed on Monday, January 16.

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