RCSS investigating music video shot on T.W. Josey campus, artist responds

RCSS investigating music video shot on T.W. Josey campus, artist responds

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A Richmond County teacher could be out of a job after a rap video surfaced that featured scenes that were videotaped  in his classroom at Josey High School.

Nigel Isaac, lead vocalist of Op4, said, "The song, in itself, was, in a way, a parody."

But, after watching video, officials with the Richmond County School System weren't laughing. 
When the school board got wind of the video's graphic content, some of which was shot at T.W. Josey High School, English teacher Benjamin Isaac was placed on administrative leave for his part in facilitating the production.

"If they have a problem with the content after he already got permission, then that's me," said Nigel Isaac.

According to a release obtained by FOX 54, officials say the video was shot without permission and violates board policies.
It went on to say the board was shocked and disappointed by the content of the video, which may be the only point these two parties agree on.

Isaac said, "The common ground is I do believe the song is a little bit vulgar."

But, the 19-year-old artist says that was the point of the first two versus-to create a shock-value.
He said if you listened through to the third verse, it talks about the lengths that rappers have to go in order to get notoriety.

"It specifies that it doesn't really matter what I say as long as there's a good beat behind it. As long as you guys are already hooked from the beginning to the end," said Isaac.

Isaac admits that his plan may have backfired.
Instead of creating a buzz because of the shots with a cereal filled bathtub or hanging out of car windows, it was the green and gold stripes on a classroom wall.

As the district continues the investigation, Isaac says he plans to follow the old industry saying, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

Isaac said, "I'm focused on the now, and growing us as a band, and making sure we ride this wave as far as we can."

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