GDOT; New Target Date for Riverwatch Parkway Project due to Weather Conditions

GDOT; New Target Date for Riverwatch Parkway Project due to Weather Conditions

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - In the past 24 hours, the C-S-R-A has seen a record amount of rainfall.
We're currently standing at almost 3 inches, which is up from last year's number 1.6 inches. 
All that rain is taking a toll on road construction projects.

It's no surprise there's a lot of traffic from construction at Riverwatch Parkway. The 35 Million dollar Project From Old Petersburg Road to Washington Road has been put on hold due to weather conditions. And now that delay may result in a new completion date, which doesn't sit well with some residents

"It's unfortunate because it seems like it's taking a good while anyway," says one resident.

"Frustrating. To sit there for maybe 15-20 minutes in traffic but sometimes what can you do," says one driver, John Robinson.

Kyle Collins who's with the GDOT says no matter how much his agency tries to plan ahead, Mother Nature is in control. "A lot of the grading and dirt moving type activity they would be doing obviously is more hampered during this time during heavy cause the muds is too wet to be able to properly move and stick and pack."

And with the record rain we had on Tuesday along with other issues, there's going to be a new date.

"It will probably be more mid to the end of the summer maybe early fall before everything is open for traffic."

Despite the frustration, drivers like Robinson say they're finding different ways to beat the traffic. "I kind of pick my times, sometimes I don't go that way if it's like 4:00 or something. I'll generally take Washington Road instead of Riverwatch."

But Collins also says for residents and drivers to be patient because these types of things do have growing pains.

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