Augusta University educators develop app to correct posture

Augusta University educators develop app to correct posture

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - You probably do it more than you think, whether you're working on your computer, or looking at your smartphone, you're straining your neck and shoulder muscles. Which in return, affects your posture.

A team of educators at Augusta University created a new app that's helping doctors all over the country. It's called Posture Perfect and it's used to help people stand up straighter.

"We wanted to utilize technology to possibly combat the problem areas that technology may cause," said Jason Hughes, Assistant Professor in Occupational Therapy.

Hughes and a team with Instructional Design and Development at Augusta University did this by creating an App that helps clinicians correct posture. "You're going to click and drag points, bony landmarks, anatomical landmarks that is going to capture a line of posture. So, with perfect posture you're going to have a perfect perpendicular line."

The app allows professionals to compare posture before and after treatment- and see results.

Hughes said, "Clinicians are often capturing posture by holding up a plum line and kind of eyeballing it."

Posture Perfect allows medical professionals to be spot-on with their measurements and makes evaluating and treating patients easier. The App's been running for a few months successfully, but creators are already working on ways to further its capabilities.

"I did get a call from a professor at Johns Hopkins asking if the app could be updated to actually measure the angles of those points. So, hopefully in the future we can update the app to add that," Hughes explained.

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