Augusta commissioners vote down renewable energy project

Augusta commissioners vote down renewable energy project

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - During Tuesday's full commission meeting, officials voted against a non-binding loan application to create a waste-to-energy project.

The project would have allowed environmental services to convert landfill gas into electricity and decrease the city's carbon footprint.

While most commissioners acknowledged that it was a good idea, they disagreed on where the funding would come from.

One resident tells Fox 54 how disappointed he was with the outcome.

/ "It was an offer where Augusta would be able to make up to $4 million per year, and have zero waste put into the landfill. To make a 'no' vote on something this huge that could really help Augusta's bottom line, just shows that people don't want to grow outside of the box," said Michael Thurman.

Commissioner Dennis Williams said he believes the body was not given adequate time, nor information, to move forward with this project.

"If you're going to invest $62 million and you only get 4% of it, that doesn't sound like an incentive for the government to raise money for it," said Williams.

The window to apply for federal funding for this project closed on November 1st.

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