Augusta commissioner wants extra pay for work on board

Augusta commissioner wants extra pay for work on board

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A heated exchange ended with no resolution after Commissioner Marion Williams presented a case for why he  should get extra pay for serving a city board.

Williams said, "I'm crazy, but I'm not stupid. I'm not going to show up if you don't give me my pay. "

That has been Commissioner Marion Williams' argument for weeks.

He's been fighting to get $150 a month-the amount other members appointed to the Augusta Planning Commission are paid.

But, some commissioners said not so fast.

"This is utterly ridiculous because for some reason or another, if this were to be approved, it's going to open Pandora's Box," said Bill Lockett.

Williams, along with the past two elected officials who had to serve on the planning commission stopped getting paid a stipend for their attendance back in 2011.

That's when the commission merged with the Augusta-Richmond County government.

Five years later, officials have not been able to provide any documentation showing when or why all board members continued to get paid, except for the commissioner.

"All of the evidence, all of the documents show there's no legal vote. There's no record anywhere where nothing's been changed," said Williams.

Just like the commissioners, residents are split on the issue.

Crystal Chivers said, "He's already getting paid as a commissioner. He should be well taken care of. We should make sure that everyone else gets a chance and gets involved."

On the other hand, resident Chase Monroe said, "If they're doing better for the community and helping out, I would gladly pay for it."

Williams said like it or not, this issue won't leave the agenda until what he considers to be a wrong is made right.

"It'll be on here until it gets resolved. Whether it's the next meeting or the meeting after that, whatever it takes," said Williams.

The commission requested the city administrator provide any documentation available that would show why the elected board members are no longer paid.

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