Augusta-Richmond County Hazard Mitigation plan update

Augusta-Richmond County Hazard Mitigation plan update

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta-Richmond County Emergency Management is ready to give its emergency plan a makeover. The "Hazard Mitigation Plan" comes into play during emergencies, like the Ice Storm of 2014.

"It's really important now to talk to our community members, department heads from the city, we have cert volunteers from our program who have come in and commissioners," said Mie Lucas, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for EMA

The plan is revised every five years to make sure it stays in state and federal compliance. The current one was last updated in 2012 and will expire in June of 2017.

"Eliminate some of the gaps and areas we've seen previously," Lucas said. "So we want to put all of that in our plan, show that we're being a better prepared community that we're responding and being more proactive instead of reactive."

"Because of the mitigation strategy that we can help them update and put in place. They are able to outline potential projects for grant funding that could become available following a disaster or on an annual cycle within the state of Georgia," said Margaret Walton, Senior Planner manager.

Walton is assisting Augusta-Richmond County. She said one of the updates she's interested in for the county, is enhancing the flood plan management.

"We need to document that so they can become part of the community rating system and really garner the activities that they're already doing and that's already in place," said Walton.

At this meeting, the county discussed corrections that can benefit all.

"We write all of our local emergency plans to be an all hazards approach meaning we can apply it to many different types of emergencies to respond to the community," said Lucas.

Lucas says they are planning to have a draft of the plan ready by January and a final plan ready by March. They plan to really use community feedback during the process.

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