Law enforcement cracking down on drunk drivers 4th of July weekend

Law enforcement cracking down on drunk drivers 4th of July weekend

Doing everything possible to keep drunk drivers off the roads this holiday weekend. Georgia State Patrol is getting serious about this because the July 4th holiday is such a deadly time on the roads.

At this time last year, 695 traffic deaths were reported on Georgia roads.

Harris Blackwood/ Director of Governor's Office Highway Safety
"That represents 1 person being killed on the road every 6.4 hours. That's just unbelievable. We are number 5 in the country, and that's a top 5 we don't need to be in,
said Harris Blackwood, Director of the Governor's Office Highway Safety.

This year, the total number of deaths  is down 3%  but that doesn't mean local first responders are taking it easy on drivers this holiday weekend.

GSP and all local law enforcement officers are aggressively cracking down and getting impaired drivers off the roads.

It's a concentrated effort to save lives on the highways this weekend during the holiday period. In particular, we see increased traffic volumes that results in more crashes. So, our goal is to save lives, said Lt. Colonel Russell Powell, Deputy Commissioner with Georgia Department of Public Safety.

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety said there are 3 simple tips to remember this weekend. Buckle up, slow down, and don't get behind the wheel if you've been drinking alcohol.

Alcohol was a factor in a whopping 40% of the traffic deaths nationwide during last year's 4th of July weekend.

 "Last year during this holiday period, we made 343 arrests for driving under the influence on the highways,
Powell said.

Across the state, law enforcement will also target speeding, aggressive driving, unbuckled drivers and passengers, and improper child car safety restraints this weekend.

South Carolina is also stepping up their road patrol this weekend. Highway Patrol said every uniformed officer will be out on the roads. They'll have DUI road checks all across the state at various times.

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