Protesters say Mercy Ministries in Harrisburg operates illegally

Protesters say Mercy Ministries in Harrisburg operated illegally

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A group of concerned citizens gathered outside Mercy Ministries in Harrisburg Tuesday to protest the homeless shelter.

According to a post made to the Augusta Political Watch Facebook Page, the protesters allege that Mercy Ministries has operated illegally for several years. They also believe the City of Augusta has known this and allowed it to continue happening.

The protesters are trying to get Mercy Ministries declared a public nuisance through Georgia State Code § 41-2-2.

Lori Davis, one of the protest's organizers spoke with us Tuesday afternoon, "They have known since George Patty that this has operated illegally and they have allowed it. The City of Augusta has allowed it."

The George Patty she refers to is the former Director of Augusta Planning and Development. He retired in 2013.

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