Aiken businesses worried about backlash after drug bust

Aiken businesses worried about backlash after drug bust

AIKEN COUNTY, SC (WFXG) - It's the biggest drug bust of 2016 for Aiken County. FOX 54 told you earlier this week investigators found more than $300,000 worth of weed, when they raided a house on Atomic Road.

Two people are now in custody in connection to a massive marijuana grow operation. 44-year-old Alexis Falcon and 24-year-old Jose Leyva face charges of trafficking marijuana. We're told this is the same duo that was shot in a car in Aiken County earlier this week. Right now, they're both in the Richmond County Detention Center.

"This grow was significant because it had about $300.000 worth of marijuana growing in it and it had booby traps surrounding it to protect it," says Aiken County Sheriff Michael Hunt.

And some of those traps almost blindsided the deputies!

"12 gauge shot guns with trip wires rigged of trees, Also there were pitts with punge sticks that were covered up so that anybody coming to that location either to raid it or rob it would fall in those pitts with those sticks," explained Hunt.

But just because officials caught this crime, it doesn't mean their job on this case is done.

"I think when you shut down down this big operation, it certainly hurts the drug trafficking within the county, will it stop it? I don't think it we'll ever stop it but I think we can put a dent in it and that's what we've done," Hunt said.

The investigation all started with a shooting on Tuesday, when deputies discovered marijuana plants in the back of the victim's car.

Do you feel safe?

"No I'm not…. No, I'm not," said Nina Desai, wife of a local business owner.

Other owners felt the same way but they were too scared to talk due to the potential backlash of this crime.

Now, the Sheriff doesn't believe this investigation is done. He tells FOX 54 he anticipates more arrests. The two suspects are waiting to be moved back to Aiken County for trial.

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