Residents describe Motel 6/Studio 6 evacuation

Residents describe Motel 6/Studio 6 evacuation

RICHMOND COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Guests at the Hotel 6 on Wrightsboro Road got a big surprise when management told them to grab their things and leave. That scene unfolded Wednesday night after fire and electrical inspectors determined that newly-renovated rooms at Motel 6/Studio 6 were not up to code.

Residents say the people living on the extended stay side of the building were temporarily moved to rooms that have not yet been renovated. Management gave refunds to the people who stopped at the hotel for just one night. Employees tried to help those people find somewhere else to spend the night.
Shopping carts doubled as moving racks as residents scrambled to move their belongings.

"It was like a total surprise," says Demarcus Harris. "I mean, it was really a shock. I was like what's going on!?"

Harris and his family had just settled into one of the 110 rooms that had undergone renovations.  Richmond County EMA says the contractor who completed the renovations did not have a permit.  During an annual inspection two weeks ago, Augusta Fire officials found 25 violations and issued a stop work order.

When the contractor inquired about getting proper permits, inspectors went back out to see what work had been done to the rooms.

"The room was really nice. Everything brand new," says Harris.

The rooms may have been nice, but we're told they were not up to code. Inspectors determined there was a fire risk due to the way the electrical wiring was installed.

Harris says he's glad the city was an advocate for safety, and hopes Studio 6 can bring his original room up to standard.

"I hope the fire marshals let them come and help us out and inspect this place so that we can get back to the nicer room!"

We did reach out to management at Motel 6. No one could tell us when the rooms would be up to code. Stay with FOX 54 for updates as we learn more.

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