Augusta native named American Boxing Association's U.S. Heavyweight Champion

Augusta native named American Boxing Association's U.S. Heavyweight Champion
At 31 he weighs in at 288 pounds and now Augusta native Brandon "Big Bear" Spencer is the American Boxing Association's U.S. Heavyweight Champ.

"Ya know, I took my bumps and bruises. And had my ups and downs. Right now I'm up and I'm just loving it. I'm loving the feeling of it, Spencer said.

After 3 fights Spencer won the title in Oklahoma 2 weeks ago before bringing it home to Augusta.
Spencer has been boxing for 10 years. He had 4 wins and 13 loses but once he started training with Mark Gruebel a few months ago, his luck turned around.

"I kind of reached out to him to see what was going on, and said hey give me a shot. Let me see what I can do,’” Gruebel said.

"He told me, 'you have the potential to do it," and ya know he's tapping into my potential,
Spencer said.

Spencer trains twice a day at Gruebel's MMA gym. He said his 3 daughters and God are his inspiration and drive to keep bettering himself.

"You can't give up. Because you'll rob yourself of the glory, and the good things that God has for you. So, you have to keep going who gave up on you. If you have that passion and will to keep going, you have to keep going,
Spencer explained.

Gruebel said with Big Bear's determination he sees him going big places.

"I think with a few more fights under his belt, and a little bit of polishing on this new style we've been working on him with, I think he's going to be a world champion one day. And, I'm rarely ever wrong about that,
Gruebel explained.

Next up for Spencer is fighting and defending his title. He said he will continue to work to be better and take his boxing career as far as he can with the support of his family and coach.

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