Update: River Watch Parkway construction coming to a close

Update: River Watch Parkway construction coming to a close

Construction on River Watch Parkway is heading into its final stages as we approach Masters Week.
The project
, stretching from 15th street to River Shoals Parkway, has been on-going since October.

Kyle Collins with the Georgia Department of Transportation said a new drainage system's been put in. Crews are now finishing replacing guardrails with concrete barriers, last step is lighting.

"There's a ton of light poles going up. It's going to light up the entire corridor coming into downtown. Actually 200 light poles are going in as part of this project as well,” Collins said.

Workers are laying the foundation for the light poles right now, but they won't go in until after the Master's. GDOT said with the amount of traffic they are expecting to see come through River Watch Parkway the week of the tournament, they are taking all safety precautions. There will be no crew workers out there working and all lanes will be back open.

The project's completion date is not until July but GDOT said its months ahead of schedule. As long as weather permits, the $9 million project will stay ahead of the game.

"It's important to highlight these improvements are thanks to TSPLOST, the Transportation Investment Act, TIA dollars that the folks in the CSRA voted on. That's really their tax dollars going to work on that project,” Collins said.

Resurfacing of the 4 mile stretch will also happen. That's expected to start between May and June.

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