Augusta dog rescue sees its worst case of animal cruelty

Augusta dog rescue sees worst case of animal cruelty

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Local dog rescues are seeking justice for what they say is the worst case of animal abuse they've ever seen in Augusta.

Cherish Danforth owns Brass Knuckles Pin Ups Rescue, and has been saving dog's for years. She recently came across one of the hardest cases she's ever had.

"This was not a dog that was walking around, a stray, trying to survive that people walked past. This was a dog that was in the hands of a human that let her get in that condition. That is abuse, and that is evil," Danforth said.

Danforth's said her life changed when she got a call Thursday night about a dog dumped at a warehouse

"She has made a huge impact on my life, probably forever," Danforth said.

At a year-a-half old, she was 30 pounds underweight and left to die in the cold. Cut ears, and paw pads in good condition lead rescues to believe she was not a stray.

So weak she couldn't move, Danforth rushed her to a vet the next morning, where they found a mass in her stomach.

"They came out and said that they mass was actually sand. The dog had been eating sand to survive. So for an animal to eat sand to survive, she couldn't even get to a trash can to dig in the trash. She was confined to an area, and they just let her starve to death," Danforth explained.

The dog, named Cherish, passed away in surgery. Danforth said she was cuddle and loved her last night alive, the way she should've been her whole life.
A $1,000 reward is being offered anyone with information that could lead to Cherish's owner.

Brass Knuckle Pin Ups Rescue is also taking donations to help pay for Cherish's vet bills. You can do this at , or by contacting Care More Animal Hospital, (706) 650-1839.

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