Augusta to buy more goats for retention pond maintenance

Augusta to buy more goats for retention pond maintenance

ATLANTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta-Richmond County officials are buying more goats after dogs killed some of the goats about three months ago. The goats help control vegetation near drainage areas.

It's much cheaper to buy goats and let them clear the land than hire crews, city officials said.

Augusta-Richmond County has more than 700 retention ponds to maintain, so the city has been using goats to help.

Unfortunately, eight of their 13 goats were killed in a dog attack in March at a retention pond off Spirit Creek Road. With five left, commissioners decided Monday to buy 12 more.

"It's been a good event, and I think it saved us a lot of money," Commissioner Marion Williams said. "If we figured up now how much money we've saved compared to the work that we've done, I think the tax payers will really be surprised. Because if we had to pay crews to go in and do what these few goats have done and with 700 retention ponds, we got enough space to put them everywhere we need to put them at."

City leaders said since the dog attack, they've learned ways to improve the program. For instance, this time they plan to mate some of the goats so that they don't have to buy as many in the future.

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