Local radio club competes in annual emergency training competition

Local radio club competes in annual emergency training competition

Radio enthusiasts across the CSRA came together this weekend for National Amateur Radio Association Field Day.

Over 35,000 people across the nation annually compete in the weekend where the various clubs work to contact as many other amateur radio stations as possible in a 24 hour radio signal marathon.

"We put our equipment out in the field to simulate emergency conditions," said Michael Newland of the North Augusta-Belvedere Radio Club. "They'll probably have close to 1000 contacts by 2 p.m. today."

Michael Newland said that the North Augusta club competes against all the other stations in the nation, but mainly the other two radio clubs in Augusta.

"We always hope to beat the two clubs over the river in Augusta because it's a friendly competition," said Newland

A friendly competition, but also training. The North Augusta club uses the Aiken County Emergency Service trailer, and they said in situations like a freeze or tornado, they are able to send out radio signals quickly and efficiently.

"Most recently a mass casualty exercise, we met up with the hams from over the river and helped send signals for the patients who had burns and whatnot. So we cooperate and also compete against each other," said Newland.

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